Thank You Notes to Jennifer

I am so honored and humbled by the beautiful notes you have sent regarding your experiences while attending my classes, workshops and retreats.

If you have something you would like to submit privately or to have posted please send me a message. I would love to hear from you. Notes are posted around the website pages and some are posted on this page. I appreciate all that I receive.

Penny Lancaster

Rod Stewart’s wife, Penny Lancaster

From Penny Lancaster

I loved Karaoke Yoga! It was the most fun yoga class ever. Didn’t feel like exercise at all even though I was sweating bullets.

I didn’t feel embarrassed singing at all as I thought I would, it’s amazing!

Absolutely loved it. Will be back. Can’t wait for it to hit the UK!

Love you Jen,

  • “Thank you, Jennifer for shining your light on mine.”

    Christy Turlington Burn
  • “You’re a beautiful force for good in the world, Jen. I’m proud to know you.”

    Dani Shapiro, Author

Gary Lightbody- Snow Patrol

Gary Lightbody

Gary from Snow Patrol

Jennifer is an awesome creature. I was like four planks of wood nailed together haphazardly before I started with her and she has somehow fashioned rubber from wood. We’ll, I can touch my toes now anyway. As patient and delightful a teacher and person you could hope for. She’s deaf as a post though so be prepared for some confusing discussions whilst in down dog. If she can fix me, she
can fix anyone.

Laura Donnelly – Co-Star, Missing

Laura Donnelly

Laura Donnelly, Co-Star in Missing

Jennifer is no ordinary yoga teacher. She infuses her classes with the scents of sage and lavender and the sounds of rock n’ roll music and laughter. She makes kicking your butt seem fun! And having been to will inspire you and even turn your life around if you will let her. She did it for me. Then she’ll ply you with wine and chocolate. It really doesn’t get better than that!



I went to your class last night because I wanted to tell you something, but evidently I never had the chance.

LOVED the manifestation workshop last night and took so much away from it!! Thank you so much for such a special night–I can’t wait for the next one!!Diana, Santa Monica

Last September my older brother passed away, and for obvious reasons it sent me reeling. After spending only a week back at home, I flew back to California feeling really lost and out of touch with reality. That is when I decided to try out yoga, and I tried your Wednesday / Friday classes. I only took your classes for about six weeks, but let me just tell you that they changed my life. I really just wanted to let you know how many lives you touch, even when you are not aware you are doing so. Your class saved me from insanity and really allowed myself to refocus for just an hour twice a week, until I felt ok.”

So keep up your healing Jen!

Amy Jo Johnson – Star, Flashpoint

Amy Jo Johnson

Amy Jo Johnson, Flashpoint

I’ve had so many awesome teachers in my life from my mother to the amazing Jana Saunders and YOU! Jennifer Pastiloff. This insight to kindness is something I really have learned to understand through you. You teach me so much. It’s something I’ve never felt before, the balance of kindness, humor and honesty.

It’s how I strive to live my life until I die.

Thanks chickie…

Christy Turlington Burns

Laura Donnelly

Christy Turlington Burns, Founder Every Mother Counts

Thank you, Jennifer for shining your light on mine. Please add some more content here. This quote isn’t long enough but I wanted to include this photo on the “love Jen” page. The additional lines should be about this long so it looks fantastic in the layout too.

“Every Body Counts”
Essay by Jennifer Pastiloff

“Every Body Counts”
Video Chat with Jennifer & Christy Turlington Burns

Wynne Renz, Writer – Los Angeles

She is accessible to her students in the way a yoga instructor should be. As a person who is neither higher-than-thou, in body, mind, or action; but as a person who simply that. A person. Practicing asana. With bruises on her gratitude-offering-knees under those black leggings. Sharing what she has learned, and continues to learn, as she lives eyes open. Teaching us to open our eyes beyond simple seeing, and then close them to see inside ourselves. So that we might admire the pictures in our big rooms, inside the even bigger room, that is the studio, that is the world.


Your class has brought me so much more than I have experienced from most Yoga classes and offers me something my practice was lacking; a guide to my truer self. Practicing under your guidance and your approach is allowing me to delve deeper into my being, to shed unwanted layers of inner conflict, unwanted thoughts, actions and deeds thus opening me up to being lighter, happier and more loving of myself and with the people in my life. Your class has been and continues to be a key in the continual process of self discovery for an improving, happier and truer me.


Thank you for creating a healing space in your yoga classes. It means so much. It is so wonderful to have the freedom to sink into an extended restorative pose or any of the yoga poses.

Thank you.

With so much gratitude for who you are and your style of teaching.

Colin S, Los Angeles

There’s only one The Pastiloff. I was lucky and blessed to stumble into your class at Meridian, and look forward to every session I can get with you. For me, it’s the small things that make things unique Inspirations.

Notes. Not following the norm and adding a little shake and wiggle here and there… these are the things I get in your class that no one else would think of. You never let me slack off either, damn you.


Oaji Retreat

Photo Credit, Joe Longo

Hilla Pear, Makeup Artist

Jenn is not someone you meet every day, in addition to being a great teacher with lots of knowledge and wonderful teaching skills, she’s one of the kindest people I know, she always thinks about how she can help others and really cares about her students. Her beautiful personality and energy makes her classes a transforming experience, where everyone can find a place for himself /herself.

The classes are for all levels, and as Jenn says “all things happen all the time”, which allows you to be who you are, no judgment…Her music choices are awesome, and fits beautifully with the practice and the mood.

I’m so grateful to have Jen Pastiloff in my life!

Lali Peer Makeup

Ben Sherwood

Personal note from Ben Sherwood

Arielle Dudley

Subject: In case no one has told you…

Good morning! I thought I would send you some happy note to start your day off right since you so often start/end other people’s days on happy notes.

I want to let you know how inspirational you are to me- and I’m sure everyone that takes your classes. You have such a powerful and positive aura….and while you are great at challenging your students, I feel like I’m wrapped in one big hug every time I come to your class! Case in point- I brought my friend last night and after your class she just looked at me and said, “wow. I’ve never cried in a yoga class before.” This is a testament to how much you are appreciated- even by those who meet you for the first time- and how great your effect is one’s practice/life. You have a special gift in that you are able to connect with people on a deep level (even in a class of 25 + people) and elicit a range of emotions that I think help heal, empower, and ultimately teach us more about ourselves. I have never enjoyed a yoga class as much as yours.

To add- I love your stories, poems, and humorous anecdotes that you throw in to the mix. Your soul is beautiful…it’s amazing how you treat everyone like they are special and important to you, all while dealing with your own struggles with hearing and fulfilling causes you believe in.You are a true yoga goddess and a best friend to all. I’m really thankful I’m able to take your class and experience your grace.”

Thank you!!!

  • “Thanks for being so amazing! You inspire me with your ongoing devotion to make a difference for other people through yoga, Yogabear, and everything else you do!”

    Heather McConochie, Santa Monica
  • “I was at your yoga class a few weeks ago at Lulu Lemon and just wanted to say you are fabulous! I really enjoyed it, and the healing sound bowls at the end were incredible. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    Carrie Beth

Tara Berro

I’ve been a part of the gym scene over 20 years. I started teaching aerobics in 1983, became an amateur bodybuilder, got my BS in Sports Medicine, MA in Sports Psychology, and I’m not tired of gyms yet!

While it is true, I spend most of my time out on the trails, I still love visiting a great gym now and then. I was so fortunate to be a guest and visited one of the yoga teachers on staff at Equinox, Jennifer Pastiloff. Whoa! I don’t know why, but I always thought the yoga teachers who taught in health clubs would be less educated and not so great. I like to be wrong every now and again, and I was wrong!

Jennifer is just vibrating at a really high frequency in this world of ours. Equinox should be so proud to have her. She brings such authenticity and lightness to the world of yoga. As a yoga practitioner for the last 12 years, I must say, I want to return to Jennifer’s class again and again.

I promise you, if you are fortunate to be a member of Equinox (more on that later), you need to take advantage of the “Class A” instruction of Jennifer Pastiloff. You will leave feeling loved and in love with your SELF even more.

Equinox is a world class facility with all of the luxurious amenities one would expect from a club with the already great reputation it has. Oh, and for all you yogis out there, the cost of membership which includes EVERYTHING they offer, is far more affordable than you can imagine. Check it out, do the math, and say hello to Jennifer after you enjoy her class. She will touch you in the most amazing ways!


I was in the class you covered on Thursday and I wanted to tell you it was absolutely amazing. I was carrying a lot emotionally that I could not shake; it was not until your class that I could actually connect with what was bothering me.

I felt like this week was haunting me. But you began your class with a list of steps toward manifestation. One stuck with me: “Expect to be delighted.” This felt so profound. It was just…freeing, I would say. I was freed from being bogged down in overwhelmingly negative feelings, and could expect to be delighted and light and joyful in my work.

You also asked us to have an intent for our practice, but I suppose is pretty standard but it stuck out for me that night. I wanted clarity and peace, and I feel I was actually able to move toward it. My big breakthrough: Realizing I am not as impervious as I assumed. I mean, it seems simple but I really could not connect with that understanding until practicing in your class.

Lastly, you had us do an “OM” into the earth, which I had never done but it felt like nothing I had ever experienced before.

I wish I could have thanked you personally, but I was just so caught up in myself at the time I didn’t feel I could. So an email must suffice: thank you.

PS: your playlists are amazing